Sote jewellery is handcrafted of precious materials, using traditional goldsmithing techniques. We focus on every detail of the finish. We want our products to be of the best possible quality and serve for years, so please read our advice on care and usage:

1.Protect the jewellery from mechanical damage and abrasions, take off the rings during housework and sports. This is especially important for small, thin rings that can bend under pressure, as well as gold-plated jewellery, whose coating is then exposed to faster wear. If you care about not taking the jewelry off, choose a version entirely of gold, or rings on a thicker silver ring.

2.When you are not wearing the jewellery, store it in a dedicated box or casket with limited air circulation. This will slow down the natural process of patination, which is particularly characteristic of silver.

3.To maintain the shine of your jewelry, you can clean and polish it with a cloth or jewelry cleaner.

4.If your jewelry is damaged in any way, please contact us. We will repair it as part of the complaint or for a fee as part of the service, depending on the damage that occurred.