Size guide

How to choose the correct finger size?

First and foremost – remember that jewellery ordered from us can always be exchanged or returned within 14 days of purchase. If the purchase is to be a gift and you do not know the size, write to us – we will advise you in choosing the right jewellery.

1.The easiest and the most accurate way to check your finger size is to measure it in our shop in Warsaw, or in one of the concept stores where our jewellery is available. The measurement can also be done in any jewellery store. In such a situation, the finger size is best given to us in the European jewellery size.

2.The second solution is to measure the ring, suitable for the finger we want to order the chosen Sote ring for. This solution may work well in a situation where the purchase will be a surprise. Then the ring is also best measured in Sote, either in a jewellery store and give us the size in EU jewellery size. What can als work is to measure it by hand, using a caliper, measuring the ring exactly by its diameter with an accuracy of 0.1mm (e.g. 14.2mm), then we will need a precise length of diameter.

We do not recommend common measurements with thread, ruler or centimetre, as their accuracy is not sufficient. If you are unable to make any measurements, please contact us at, or call us on +48 577 827 927. In case of a wrong size, the ring can be exchanged or returned within 14 days.