Aventurine is a variety of quartz. It is characterized by the fact that it is translucent, and in its structure are sunk particles of platinum minerals. The silvery particles disperse light and cause a flickering effect, called aventurisation. Aventurine is known for its green color with varying degrees of saturation from intense green to light mint. It also occurs in apricot color. The name comes from the Italian word "per aventura". - by accident. The origin of the name Awenturyn is often indicated from the Spanish word "aventura", which means adventure. This is why the aventurine is commonly attributed the nickname "adventure stone" and treated as an amulet of changes in life and travel into the unknown. Imitation of this stone appeared in the Venetian glassworks, earlier than this stone was discovered. This was due to the accidental sinking of copper filings into the heated glass mass, which resulted in the effect of the exceptional brilliance of the glass and to this day large quantities of synthetic Aventurine are produced in this way. 
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