Rose Quartz is called the Stone of Love, where love does not only refer to the romantic feeling between two people, but refers also to the positive relationship between oneself or with oneself that is full of self-acceptance. It is a pink mineral from a wide family of quartzes which are available at Sote, including aventurine, a variation of Green Quartz. It is characterized by quite a high level of hardness because in nature it forms into hexagonal poles. Most of the Rose Quartz are being exploited in Brazil and significant quantities are also found in India, South Africa and Madagascar.
The origin of its name is not entirely certain and it may come from three different sources: the Old German word  „kwarr”, used in German mining dialect, which means „the cut”, the Slavic word meaning „hard”, or the Greek word „krystallos”, loosely translated as ice. 
Rose Quartz has a very specific, pale pink tone, much more toned and more low-key than other pink minerals such as Rodonite or Morganit. This tint has become very fashionable in recent years. In 2016 Rose Quartz was even chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year. It blends perfectly with silver, creating subtle combinations.
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