Ruby is a gemstone that comes in a variety of colors -  from pink to blood red. The name of the stone comes from its color, the Latin word "ruber" meaning simply red. It is a rare mineral, which, together with Sapphire, has the highest hardness  after the diamond and just like them, finds its technical application in industry. Rubies owe their red color to chromium atoms, while iron is responsible for their brownish shade. The crystals of the best quality and with the most appreciated deep blue glow red color come from Burma, where it was believed that there once lived a dragon named Naga, which laid three eggs. From the first one Pyusawti hatched - the king of Burma,  from the second - the Great Emperor of China. And from the third - all the rubies that have been found in Burma so far and all those that are waiting to be discovered. Many Indians believe that these precious stones are the frozen drops of blood of the god Aruba, which symbolize strength and passion and make the one who wears them a winner. Ancient Greeks attributed this stone to the most beautiful of the goddesses, Aphrodite, and the Romans - to the goddess Venus.
Ruby was always regarded as the stone belonging to the rulers. Queen Cleopatra particularly liked it, who ordered the walls of her chambers to be covered with Ruby in her palace. Almost every royal crown had rubies in its decorations, which shone with the diamonds.
Ruby is a symbol of passion, love and delight, and it’s a color of life and youth.
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