Tiger Eye has recently become one of our favourite stones, combining the warm, golden colors that we already know from many other varieties of Jasper. With its sparkling character, it’s no less impressive than an illuminating labradorite or a phenomenal opal. It also has stripes that reminisce teakwood and the shimmering irises of great, majestic cats. Tiger Eye is one of several flickering varieties of Quartz, each with a different color gradient. Classic Tiger Eye is golden-brown, the Buffalo's Eye is red-brown and the Hawkeye is golden-blue. It is mined in Western Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Namibia and Burma. 
The structure of the Tiger Eye causes an optical illusion, resulting in giving one the impression that the stripes of its reflections move and change size; this is called iridescence. Because of this stunning quality the stone constantly surprises, showing different faces depending on the viewing angle and the light incidence.
A very rare variety of Tiger Eye is Marra Mamba, discovered in the Pilbara region of eastern Australia. Marra Mamba was formed about 2000 million years ago as a result of the division of the Earth's crust into continents. It combines the colors of all the shimmering quartzes - red, green, gold and blue. Tiger Eye is associated with good moods and in many cultures it has been an amulet of happiness and optimism. Many sources indicate that it helps with  taking up  one’s own initiative and running a business. Its sensational colors are interpreted as a simultaneous combination of the energy of the Earth and the Sun.
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