A mineral with a unique green-blue, cyan-yellow tint. Cut with brown, grey or black veins of other rocks. The element that gives the Turquoise shades of blue is copper and green is iron. The name Turquoise derives from the name of Turkey, as the trade route from Persia to Europe used to lead through this country. In Persian, the stone is called "pyrouzeh", or "victory”. The beginnings of the exploitation of this valuable resource in those regions date back to 2200 BC. In Egypt, it was acquired as early as the Third Pharaoh's Dynasty - 3000 BC, while in the United States it was mined by Indians for centuries. Currently, 80% of the world trade in Turquoise is conducted by China and Tibet. Turquoise is called the Stone of Victory and is chosen as a protective talisman to add strength.

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