Stunning minerals stones are our passion, that’s why in Sote the products we use are only precious materials: gold, silver and a wide range of stones and natural minerals.
Gold, from which we make our jewellery, is of high quality, 14 carat alloys, i.e. the 585 standard. Gold in such a standard has a beautiful, subtle color that stays for a long time despite the passing of years and has ideal physical properties. It is resistant to damage and hard enough. With silver, we work with the material in the 925 standard, which, as in the case of gold, allows us to achieve the highest possible quality.
The range of stones available in our brand changes over the course of months. Given that we are constantly looking for new ores, they are usually limited editions of our offering and are only for a short series of jewellery sets. Given the supply, sometimes they are around for a longer period of time. We grind our minerals in local friendly Polish grinding shops, and often we import materials from all over the world to make them as attractive and interesting as possible. We invite you to follow our guide about minerals, in which you will find a lot of interesting information about them, and can help you find the perfect piece of jewellery.

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